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White Spots on Tonsils

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White Spots on Tonsils

Author: Matt

Some time ago I discovered a white spot on my tonsils.  I found this very unsettling and became concerned that these white spots might be signs of throat cancer.  I was due for a trip to the dentist so I thought of all people who have seen different types of mouth conditions it would be him and he could tell me what the white spots on my tonsils were. 


I went to his office and as he was wrapping up the exam I realized he hadn't even noticed the white spot.  I asked him to take a look and tell me what he thought.  He did and said the spot was just some debris lodged in my tonsil and I should gargle to get rid of it.


Of course, that did not work.  I decided to do a little research of my own and began scouring the internet.  Upon seeing pictures of white spots on other people's tonsils, I knew right away I'd found what I was looking for. 


The white spots were known as tonsilloliths or more commonly known as tonsil stones.  I learned they were relatively harmless but could be very annoying.  As it turns out, those of us with deep tonsil pockets (crypts) get these sometimes because mucous, likely from post nasal drip builds up and forms there. 


There are many people who resort to gagging themselves to pluck out these nasty little "white spots on tonsils"  But I had much more luck with a water pik, a dental irrigator which sprays water usually in between teeth to dislodge particles stuck there. 


The problem was that the tonsil stones returned.  It wasn't until I decided to look for remedies that would prevent tonsil stones that I would be rid of them.  I found a dentist's website with detailed information on what causes tonsil stones and how to prevent them.  I took his advice and have not noticed any more white spots on my tonsils.

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I have suffered from these nasty critters [tonsil stones] for years. I just accepted that I would always have them. However, since using the tonsil stone remedy I learned about on, I have not experienced even one tonsil stone.
- Mike, Missouri USA

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Pictures of Tonsil Stones
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