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Tonsil Stones Overview And My Experiences

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Tonsil Stones Overview And My Experiences

Author: Matt

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My Experience With Tonsil Stones

Some time ago I found a white spot in my throat near the back. I did not realize it at the time but the spot was a tonsillolith.  Tonsilloliths are more commonly known as a tonsil stones. Initially I assumed the tonsil stone was just a sore and perhaps I was coming down with strep throat. The strange thing was that my throat was not getting sore. I just had this odd sensation in my throat. It was more annoying than painful. I grew more concerned as time passed and the lump just got bigger and more annoying. Though I had been neglecting visiting my dentist, I made an appointment thinking he could offer information on what this annoying white spot was. I was glad to hear from him that the spot was just some "debris" and I should gargle to get rid of it. Upon arriving home I attempted this with no success. The spot remained.

For the next few weeks I tried to rid my of the menace without any luck. I finally fought the gag reflex and stuck my finger into my throat to dislodge it. My brief period of happiness lasted for about two weeks before my tonsil stones returned.

Researching tonsil stones

I decided to research the white spot online. I located a diagram with explanation. I learned the medical term for the white spot is "tonsillolith" also known as tonsil stones or tonsil rocks. Apparently it is not known for certain what causes tonsil stones. One possible cause of tonsil stones is the collection of mucous and bacteria in the tonsil crypts or tonsil pockets. Some people have deeper tonsil crypts than others and these fluids collect there forming tonsil stones. This made sense to me because I've noticed that one of my tonsil crypts is deeper than the other. This is the side that produces tonsil stones.

How to Prevent Tonsil Stones

There has been only one way I've found to prevent tonsil stones. After trying other tonsil stone home remedies and having no success, I decided to go with a product created by Doctor Harold Katz DDS. Katz specializes in bad breath remedies but addresses tonsil stones on his website as well. He has an article on tonsil stone prevention which is very informative. I am always somewhat skeptical about making online purchases but I ordered his tonsil stone kit anyway. For the first couple of weeks I was unimpressed with his tonsil stone remedy because at times, I went two or more weeks without tonsil stones without the tonsil stone kit. More time passed though and I became a firm believer in his methods. Since I started using his tonsil stone remedy, I have not experienced a single tonsil stone episode. I consider myself very fortunate because like others, I even considered removing my tonsils to prevent tonsil stones. I found a coupon code for his tonsil stone remedy. If you enter "A-TNS30" during your order, you will get the tonsil stone prevention kit for free with an order of $30.00. Otherwise, the tonsil stone kit costs about $36.00. With the code you'll be able to try his other products as well.

How to Remove Tonsil Stones

Before discovering Doctor Katz' tonsil stone remedy, I did figure out an easier way to dislodge tonsil stones than gagging yourself. I used a water pik or dental irrigator. These devices are powerful sprayers that clean between your teeth and are supposedly more effective than flossing. You will need one that is strong enough to dislodge your tonsil stones. The cheapest I've found (that works) is the Conair Interplak Water Jet I would not use any smaller water piks than this one. It is available at Amazon for about $39.00.

Your Tonsil Stones

Hopefully, by sharing my experiences with tonsil stones I have helped you in dealing with yours. I was pretty desparate when I finally figured how to 1)Remove tonsil stones and 2)Prevent tonsil stones from returning. I know desparation is not a fun feeling and I genuinely hope that you can find a way to deal with your tonsil stones if you are like I was.

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I have suffered from these nasty critters [tonsil stones] for years. I just accepted that I would always have them. However, since using the tonsil stone remedy I learned about on, I have not experienced even one tonsil stone.
- Mike, Missouri USA

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