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Tonsil stones not Cancerous

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Tonsil stones not Cancerous

Author: Tavis McKenzie

Monday Feb 25 2008 - Canada Hello all, I too have been bothered by these somewhat cumbersome and frightning things. I have been spitting them up for years but not so much as now. recently I had a frightning experience where I had one of these stones locked onto my right tonsil at the top front edge where when I talk or swallow It feels like there is something stick in my throat. I went to the doctor and he tried to flick it off with a swab with no luck. the doctor then referred me to a Ears, Nose and Throat specialast. well we all know that those bookings can take weeks to see that doctor so it was something I had to live with. after a few days I sneezed and the white chunk came flying out into my hand!. It looked like a hard unchewed piece of peanut. It had a pungant smell what I would like to refer to as MOTH BALLS but not so sweet. when I got home I looked into my throat again and where the white spot was there was no evident sign that there was a problem thinking that I would see a hole or sore or even a red spot where it was! nothing! clean pink tonsil! go figure? Still waiting to see the specialast, I felt good that it was gone, but after about a week or so I expelled another small white chunk. this one didn't cause me any grief or feeling. I finally had my appointment today with the E.N.T Specialast and wouldn't you know it......I woke up this morning with another spot on my right tonsil where the first one was weeks ago. So Thinking BONUS! I'm going to see the doctor now when I have one right in plan view for him! So I saw the Doc, and explained my fears and concernes. he told me about these tonsil stones and asured me that they are not cancer. In fact, he said that it is a very common problem. As I see from this site I found today looks like he is right! Anyway his diognoses was this. Here is my situation that maybe you all can relate too and compare. I'm 39 years old, I am a smoker and 310lbs over weight. most of my weight is in the belly area. The doctor asked me do I suffer from ACID REFLUX / HEART BURN. I do suffer from this and from time to time wake up in the middle of the night with acidy vomit in my thoat and/or sever burning of the chest. even though these are extream cases I was told that if i'm suffering from acid reflux its still there even though you don't feel pain from it like after eating. I drive a transit bus for a living and the bouncing and odd shifts don't always allow me to eat regular. I often eat late at night before bed. This will generate excesive acid in the gutt. not treated will lead to other problems such as an ulcer. Tonsil stones are often caused by irratataion to the tonsils caused bu the accid reflux. And the constant burning of the tonsils as in my case SMOKING. Excesive drinking can do this as well. The tosils excreat when they become inflamed and you might also notice this more in the winter monthes when the air is dry then the summer. I noticed mine more regular when I about to get or after a throat infection like STREP or TONSILITOUS. I had a couple of dry and scratchy throat caughs in the last month due to the weather and more people I know being sick. plus I have a 7year old in the school system who brings home bugs. So needless to say this will irratate the tosils more. I didn't get any special treatment nor meds, surprised I was?! What the doctor suggested was this: Quit smoking of coarse.......I think thats a common on the top of the list. He also told me to go out and by a WATER PIC and hit the tonsils with it to break off the stones. Oral hygen is a must and garggle with warm salt water and LISTERINE for the bacteria. In my case, Go back to my family Doctor and get this ACID REFLUX treated. Then I should see a considerable reduction in these stones appearing.

I hope my experiences will be a help? my email is if anybody would like to discuss further. Thanks for this site. Its been a great help and its nice knowing I'm not alone.

Cheers! Tavis

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I have suffered from these nasty critters [tonsil stones] for years. I just accepted that I would always have them. However, since using the tonsil stone remedy I learned about on, I have not experienced even one tonsil stone.
- Mike, Missouri USA

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