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Tonsil Stones diet cure

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Tonsil Stones diet cure

Author: Amanda Leggett

I started having these plaque-like stones several years ago. My health was poor because of a poor diet. I had chronically swollen tonsils and glands, and sore throat. The stones were foul-smelling.

As I improved my diet, I noticed the stones only appeared when I consumed grain-based products. I am on a fruitarian diet--mostly raw fruit and vegetable. The elimination of animal products and grains greatly improved my immune system and my general health. The tonsil stones disappeared! However, if I "cheat" and eat some grain-based foods like pasta or bread, the stones appear again.

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I have suffered from these nasty critters [tonsil stones] for years. I just accepted that I would always have them. However, since using the tonsil stone remedy I learned about on, I have not experienced even one tonsil stone.
- Mike, Missouri USA

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Im sick of them

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