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Complications Using Tonsillectomy for Tonsil Stones

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Complications Using Tonsillectomy for Tonsil Stones

Author: John Maddox

Tonsillectomy is a surgical procedure that involves removing the tonsils so that no more tonsil stones can form. However, this can be a very painful and risky surgery to go through with.

Tonsillectomy involves cutting the tonsils out using a blade called a scalpel, or the surgeon may use a tool that removes the tonsils with high energy heat.

The problem with going through with tonsillectomy to get rid of tonsil stones is that your stones may grow back even though your tonsils are removed.

This is why it is a much safer option to just remove your tonsil stones with removal methods like gargling salt water, spraying them out with a waterpik, or forcing them out with a toothpick.

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I have suffered from these nasty critters [tonsil stones] for years. I just accepted that I would always have them. However, since using the tonsil stone remedy I learned about on, I have not experienced even one tonsil stone.
- Mike, Missouri USA

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