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This website is dedicated to all those who suffer from disgusting tonsil stones (a.k.a. tonsilloliths). Here you will find information on prevention and removal of them as well as individual stories. This website was created after vain attempts to find good information online regarding tonsil stones. After hours of searching I was unsuccesful in locating much in the way of prevention and removal of these little annoyances. So I conferred with other sufferers and produced this website. If you are dealing with them and just not sure what they are, do not panic. The following explainations should help. You are welcome to submit your own story (article) or add your comments to existing articles. Perhaps sharing information on your tonsil stones experiences will help others in dealing with theirs. You do not have to put up with tonsil stones, there are remedies that work. Read on.

For the prevention of tonsil stones, we highly recommend Dr. Katz's tonsil stone remedy.

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Tonsil Stones Overview And My Experiences (02 Feb 2007)
This article contains an overview of what tonsil stones are and what causes them. Discover the methods I used in removing tonsil stones and how I keep them from returning.

Pictures of Tonsil Stones (04 Feb 2007)
Still not sure if your suffering from tonsil stones? This article has pictures of tonsil stones to help you identify them.

How To Prevent Tonsil Stones (06 Feb 2007)
Learn about the science behind tonsil stones and how to deal with them.

Tonsil Stones (06 Nov 2007)
Best Way to get rid of Tonsil Stones

eww (03 Jan 2008)
tonsil stones

Definitive Cure (22 Jan 2008)
Tonsillectomy to cure Tonsil Stones

Small plaque balls in tonsils (08 Oct 2008)
Small plaque balls in tonsils

Post-Tonsillectomy stories (08 Oct 2008)
For anyone who has had a tonsillectomy did you have any issues or problems after it? Do you totally recommend it?

Tonsil Stones (08 Oct 2008)
Tonsil Stones

Tonsil stones not Cancerous (08 Oct 2008)
Went to the doctor.

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After 10 years, discovery of new remedy! (14 Dec 2008)
Using steroid nasal sprays to prevent tonsilloliths

tonsil stones (14 Dec 2008)
how to cure tonsil stones

nasty tonsil stones (18 Jul 2009)
Im sick of them

White Spots on Tonsils (01 Aug 2009)
Wondering what those white spots on your tonsils are? Relax,they're relatively harmless but can be very annoying.

Cause of some tonsil stones (04 Aug 2009)
I've been researching the cause of tonsil stones for years and think the dots have finally been connected. Google 'Christine Wicks Queen Elizabeth Hospital' for information on her case. I've posted information at the ABC Homeopathy site for years.

bad breath (04 Aug 2009)
is it genetical?

what is this (04 Aug 2009)
trying to get tonsil stones out skin came out instead HELP!!

Tonsil Stones diet cure (04 Aug 2009)
Diet is the key

The Hidden Cost of Keeping Your Tonsils? (04 Aug 2009)
Did you forget something when you added up how much it would cost to treat your tonsil instead of remove them?

I found my answer (04 Aug 2009)
the most dicusting thing ever!!!

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tonsil stones

I found my answer
the most dicusting thing ever!!!

tonsil stones

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